transportation in Myanmar


transportation in Myanmar

Transportation in Yangon is much easier and have more choice than other area of Myanmar. But in other area of Myanmar, you will have more control over your transportation type as you can use your own transport in other area than Yangon. Here is the  different option of transportation in Myanmar and Yangon.


Travel by taxi within cities and towns is relatively safe. Though the condition of vehicles varies widely, serious accidents are uncommon. Note that a taxi stationary and waiting will usually cost more than one flagged down from the road.

Long distance taxis are quicker and more comfortable than buses, though more expensive. Road quality varies widely and Myanmar drivers will often travel at uncomfortably high speeds. When choosing a long distance driver ensure the car is in good condition, and that you are able to communicate with the driver – you may need to request he slow down.

Note that cars with right hand drive have much more limited visibility when overtaking. You should not make long distance journeys by car outside of daylight hours.

In the past, most of taxi service in Myanmar operated as a privately owned business, but nowadays there are ride hailing companies battling in Myanmar. Grab becomes the most popular and mostly used ride hailing company after Uber existed south east Asia. It is now more safer and convenient to take Grab.

Grab Taxi in Yangon

Grab Taxi in Yangon

Seatbelts are often not accessible in the back seats of taxis, but will more often be available in the front seat. Compulsory seatbelt policy is set in Myanmar since 2017, so you will be asked to use seatbelt by some of the responsible taxi drivers.


Inner-city bus travel is generally safe, but chaotic, and during peak travel times will often be very over-crowded. Bus routes are also confusing and changeable, and all signs are in Myanmar. Foreigners travelling by bus are unusual and will attract a lot of attention and generous offers to take peoples seats.

YBS (Yangon Bus system) is the newly developed transport system in new democratic Yangon government. Old buses are replaced with newly imported buses under YBS, so it becomes more comfortable to take a bus in Yangon.

Buses from YBS

Buses from YBS

Long distance travel by Bus

Bus travel is usually the best way to travel long distances in Myanmar. The quality and comfort of buses varies; less popular routes will likely only have basic buses, often full of cargo and market goods. More commonly travelled routes will have multiple bus companies running services, and may include premium ‘VIP’ buses.

Air conditioned buses will often be relatively cold, especially on overnight buses; it is recommended to bring a warm layer to wear (Some of the buses provide light blanket for passengers, but it may not be washed everyday). Overnight bus travel on most routes is relatively safe, though accidents do happen.


Motorbikes are currently illegal within Yangon, and it is only the police, Myanmar Teleport and some delivery agencies can use motorbikes.

Outside of Yangon, travel by motorbike is common and even motorbikes are the main mean of transport in some of the area. As with regular taxis, check the condition of both machine and driver before travel. If you take a motorbikes taxi, always ask for helmet.

If you want to drive motorbike by yourself, you need to convert your existing license into the one valid in Myanmar. To process this , you need to travel to Naypyidaw to present an existing license and payment of a fee. We are not clear yet that which country’s driving license are valid without this process. (We will update this information later)


Bicycles are not allowed on the main roads of Yangon, though they do see regular use in quieter areas. Outside Yangon they are the most common form of transport, though in some larger towns have been generally superseded by motorbikes.

Visibility of cyclists is often poor due to a lack of street lighting – bring reflective clothing from home if you intend to cycle. And always use protective helmet while using bicycles.


Myanmar has an extensive rail system, sometimes reaching into areas not accessible by road. However, long distance travel by train is usually slower and more uncomfortable and unpredictable then by bus.

Long distance trains are sometimes equipped with first class and sleeper sections, though these will come with increased expense.

Air travel

You can reach to most of the major cities in Myanmar by air route. Air ticket price is quite expensive in Myanmar than other countries. Local air ticket price is amazingly higher than some international route. Air travel is relatively safe despite of some accidents record in Myanmar air line history.

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